Helen challenges the Minister on the protection of child asylum seekers

Children are children, wherever they are from and whatever their background. It is shocking to hear reports of children going missing from and being sexually assaulted in Home Office-procured hotels and hostels for asylum seekers. The Home Office is failing in its duty of care to vulnerable children.
We need action now before any more children are put at risk but it is clear that the Government has no plans to ensure child asylum seekers are properly protected. You can see my question to the Minister for Immigration here>>
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BBC London Live - November 2022

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Kinship Care debate - October 2022

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Helen calls on the Treasury Minister to reverse their kamikaze budget and protect small businesses

Yesterday I raised the concerns of thousands of my constituents about the chaos caused by Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng’s disastrous ‘mini budget’ which has left them desperately worried about how they will sustain businesses, keep roofs over their head and put food on the table.  This is a crisis made in Downing Street, and blaming everyone but themselves simply won’t wash.

In the words of one of my constituents ‘they say they get it, but they really don’t’.

Liz Truss must reverse her kamikaze budget before businesses are forced to close and people lose their homes. You can watch my challenge to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury here >>

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Helen calls on the Minister to support countries facing climate loss and damage

The heatwaves across Europe, the catastrophic flooding in Pakistan and the deadly drought in North Africa show us that the climate emergency is a present reality, not a future threat. Countries in the global south, which have had historically low carbon emissions, are suffering the consequences of the actions of high carbon economies like the UK.

At COP26, hosted by the UK in Glasgow last November, developing countries in the global south were promised further action on loss and damage climate compensation. The UK played an important role in brokering these talks but the government has backtracked in talks this summer.

The UK should be showing global leadership and working to ensure those countries most affected by the climate emergency are given the aid needed to adapt. You can see my question to the Minister below >>>

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Financial statement - September 2022

Tax cuts for the wealthiest, increased borrowing, deregulated planning and blind faith in discredited trickle down economics. This reckless statement will to deliver any meaningful help to those who need it and only deepen inequality. 

The Chancellor’s financial statement will deliver a tax cut of £40,000 to someone earning £1 million a year, while protecting the excess profits of oil and gas producers. 

Amongst the measures announced today, is a crackdown on low paid part time workers, forcing them to increase their hours by cutting benefits.  Many part time workers are parents, priced out of increasing their hours by expensive childcare.  For the first time this year, the number of women aged 25-34 leaving work to look after their children is increasing.

I asked the Chancellor today why he is choosing to punish low paid working parents, when what they need is an accessible, affordable childcare system fit for the 21st century >>


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Helen challenges the Prime Minister on the crisis in children's social care

The new Prime Minister isn’t new at all. She has been part of a Conservative government for the past 12 years that has stripped away support for our country’s most vulnerable children.
The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care, published earlier this year, makes clear the need for a total reset of the current system which has been brought to breaking point.
Today I called on the new Prime Minister to make a clear commitment to deliver action on children’s social care by the end of the year. I will keep holding her to account. Vulnerable children need and deserve far better. You can see my question here >
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Helen calls for urgent action on ambulance waiting times in London

I started the new Parliamentary sitting this week by raising the deep concern of my constituents about ambulance waiting times in London.

In July, the average waiting time for an ambulance for someone with an emergency or serious condition - including strokes, chest pains and symptoms of sepsis -  was more than an hour, more than three times the target time of 18 minutes.

For some patients these delays will severely impact their chance of recovery.  It is also unacceptable that paramedics who know the critical nature of the service they provide and work so hard to help people who need it, are having to work in such stressful circumstances.

I have been contacted by many constituents who are desperately worried that if they need an ambulance, it simply won’t get there on time.

We need a serious plan to support the London Ambulance Service to meet targets and bring down waiting times. You can see my question to the Minister below >>

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Helen leads debate on initial asylum accommodation in East Dulwich

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Helen challenges the Secretary of State on soaring childcare costs

Childcare costs have soared over the past decade putting  a huge strain on the cost of living. Instead of a bold plan to fix the broken and complicated system, the Government has announced plans to increase the number of children early years staff can look after.

Parents and providers don’t want this plan, it won’t deliver the high quality early years education young children need to recover from the pandemic.  Today the Secretary of State couldn’t even confirm that it would bring down costs for families >>

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