Helen speaks in debate on the affordability and availability of childcare

Childcare is a huge pressure on the cost of living for families with young children.  It is clear that our current childcare system does not work for parents or childcare providers. Costs for parents have risen by an eyewatering £2,200 since 2010, whilst thousands of providers every year are being forced to close. Many families are paying more for childcare than they spend on their rent or mortgage and for the first time in decades the number of women leaving the workforce to care for family is increasing.

Childcare is basic infrastructure – vital to family life, children’s start in education and economic growth – but the Conservative Chancellor was completely silent on this issue in his budget statement last month.

Labour would be taking action now to address the cost and availability of childcare. We are committed to build a system which supports children and their families from the end of parental leave until the end of primary school, starting with fully funded breakfast clubs in every primary school. You can see my speech from today here >>

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