Helen speaks in Parliament about the Climate Emergency

Last week in Parliament I met Greta Thunberg, an inspiring 16 year old from Sweden whose message on climate change is a clarion call for our time. I’m also proud of the children from my constituency who have been making their voices heard on climate change. We only have 12 years to act to avoid catastrophic, irreversible climate change.

Today, The Labour Party forced the government to declare a ClimateEmergency an essential step which must now be followed through with urgent action across every government department. 

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Helen speaks in debate on the use of restrictive intervention in schools

Today, I spoke in Parliament about the need for detailed regulations for the use of restrictive intervention in schools. Far too many children with autism, learning difficulties or both are being subject to excessive interventions including physical restraint, isolation and medication. Often this is not discussed with families in advance or following the incident. 

There are already clear guidelines for healthcare and residential settings. However, the Government has yet to publish guidance for schools and other education settings. This was promised in 2014 but has yet to be published. We urgently the Government to introduce clear guidance with a transparent monitoring system to protect vulnerable children from excessive intervention. 

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Helen speaks in Parliament about the housing crisis

Today, I spoke in Parliament about the housing crisis affecting families across the country. The Government are failing, as the coalition did before them, to create housing which we so urgently need. There are currently 1.25 million people on the waiting list for social housing, 123,000 children living in temporary accommodation, and the fact that more than 99% of homes to rent in the private sector in Lambeth and Southwark have rent that is above the local housing allowance cap.

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Helen speak about the lack of support for Windrush Citizens seeking compensation

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Helen speaks about the need for independent advice for Windrush Citizens

Last week the Home Secretary opened the compensation scheme for victims of the Windrush scandal. Following the announcement, the Home Office arranged a meeting in Brixton about the compensation scheme at just a day's notice. This isn't acceptable, as there will be many who need to know about the scheme who won't have been there.

I am concerned that without fully funding independent advice, many who have suffered may be unable to claim or unwilling to approach the Home Office directly. Justice for the Windrush generation requires extensive information and awareness raising, a reasonable burden of proof to access compensation and independent advice. 

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Helen speaks in Parliament about the Revoke Article 50 Debate

Yesterday Parliament debated the petition calling for Article 50 to be revoked, signed by more than 6 million people - more signatories than any other petition to Parliament has received. I spoke on behalf of the 26,000+ residents in Dulwich and West Norwood who signed the petition, and all who are opposed to Brexit, worried about the impacts it will have and would like the opportunity to vote on any proposed Brexit deal, with an option to remain on the ballot.

You can watch my speech here >>

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Helen challenges the Minister on air pollution near schools

Across Dulwich and West Norwood, residents and schools are making changes to combat climate change and toxic air pollution. Today, I challenged the DEFRA Minister on the need for the Government to invest in community projects like this. 


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Helen calls on the Government to protect women from workplace harassment

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Helen calls on the Cabinet Minister to investigate dark money funding pro-Brexit campaigns

Ahead of crucial votes on Brexit, hundreds of thousands of pounds are being funnelled into pro-Brexit advertising targeting MPs. The Electoral Commission and the DCMS Select Committee have both called for reforms to online advertisting. Today, I called on the Government to act.


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Helen challenges the Home Secretary for funding to stop serious violence

Following two more tragic knife murders in my constituency in the past month, I challenged the Home Secretary today to fund the services - schools, youth work, police, social services & housing - needed to implement the public health approach to stopping serious violence.


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