What is happening locally?


Both Lambeth Council and Southwark Councils are working hard to respond to the coronavirus outbreak. The councils have set up response teams and are collaborating with the local CCGs and hospitals to ensure our area is prepared.

It has been heartening to see the growth of mutual aid groups across the constituency to support our most vulnerable residents. Both councils are supporting mutual aid groups and will be helping to co-ordinate efforts locally.  It is very important that all community-based support is organised with a proper regard for the safeguarding of vulnerable residents.

You can volunteer with Lambeth Council here

You can volunteer with Southwark Council here

I would also encourage you to volunteer with the NHS volunteer scheme here. This scheme will connect approved volunteers to vulnerable people.

Our local foodbanks are also coordinating their emergency response to the crisis. If you are able to, I would encourage you to donate to local foodbanks to help vulnerable people locally.

You can volunteer and donate to the West Norwood and Brixton Food Bank here

You can volunteer and donate to the Southwark Food Bank here

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