Small businesses - let me know your views

Small businesses are a vital part of our economy in Dulwich and West Norwood.  Of the 3,500 businesses in our local area, 95% employ fewer than ten people.  From the wealth of shops and services along our High Streets and local shopping parades which we rely on week by week; to our small industrial estates and markets in Brixton, Crystal Palace, Herne Hill or Norwood, our area has a strong economy of micro-businesses and small and medium enterprises. 

The way that the economy is changing has led to more than one in ten Dulwich and West Norwood residents now working from home, with close to a thousand one-person businesses, many focused on consulting and services.  This is a long term and permanent change to our economy and it is important that government helps and supports these businesses, for example by ensuring prompt payment of invoices by larger businesses, local and central government, and with employment rights for such businesses. 

Small business provide nearly half of our jobs, contribute to the richness and diversity of our communities and in some cases grow into much larger businesses, providing much needed jobs for our area.  We have a local economy with a huge amount to be proud of.

I spent 15 years running a small business.  It can feel like a big responsibility each month to earn enough to pay your staff, to build your team, and to make sure that the work that you do, whether providing products or services, is good enough to keep competing.

I am keen to support our local business community and I would like to understand the issues that matter to you. Please find below a link to a short survey. I'd really appreciate it if you could spend five minutes completing this survey. It will help me to understand the needs and concerns of our local business community and to represent your interests as a candidate and, if I am elected, as your Member of Parliament.  All your responses will be treated in the strictest confidence. Thank you for participating!

Small business survey link