Helen challenges the Prime Minister on financial support for workers in lockdown areas

Today I challenged the Prime Minister on the inadequacy of the support provided to people who are unable to work due to coronavirus restrictions, which sits in stark contrast with the vast sums of money he is happy to spend on private companies delivering failing services. The Government’s Job Support Scheme will only provide two-thirds of wages to staff if a business has been forced to close. But families are still required to pay 100% of their rent or mortgage and bills. In London, I know that many businesses will be facing difficult choices as Tier 2 restrictions lead to a loss of customers and many are desperately worried about how they will pay staff if they are forced to close.

At the start of this crisis, the Government promised to do whatever it takes to see the country through this crisis, but the Chancellor has now decided to abandon viable sectors across the country. We will face a tsunami of unemployment with all of the hardship and desperation that brings, unless the government urgently changes course and delivers the support families and businesses need. You can watch my question here>>