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As the Labour Party's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Dulwich and West Norwood, my top priorities are representing everyone who lives and works in our area, and campaigning hard on the issues which matter to you most.  Please let me know your priorities by taking two minutes to fill out the survey in the link below: 

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  • Patrick Byrne
    commented 2015-04-28 21:57:12 +0100
    “Labour secretaries of state have got away with introducing private
    sector providers into the NHS on a scale which would have led the
    Labour Party onto the streets in demonstration if a Conservative
    government had ever tried it. In the late 1980s I would have said
    it is politically impossible to do what we are now doing. I strongly
    approve.” Kenneth Clarke 2008
    Dear Helen,
    thank you for your letter which I received today.
    As you know I am a longstanding Labour voter, but probably never again. Your first point in the letter is to trumpet the LP’s support for the NHS. I simply can no longer believe this is true. Although Tony Blair’s government did increase health expenditure very significantly, His Chancellor Gordon Brown was busy imposing PFI deals to build new hospitals that have now crippled Barts and many other NHS Trusts and have created a field day for private financiers and hedge funds to bleed the NHS dry. That Labour government introduced Foundation Trusts and widened the gates opened by Margaret Thatcher to private sector providers. The Tories only thought they were continuing the marketisation of the NHS that right wing labour had pioneered for them throughout the Blair years when they passed the 2012 NHS and Community Care Bill that heralded the end of direct government responsibility for the NHS and its handover to private medical companies.

    The LP must commit itself to support The NHS Reinstatement Bill and renationalise the NHS making it once more the true Health Service of Aneurin Bevan and cease support for marketisation of health.

    Dr Patrick Byrne
  • Janie Kidston
    commented 2015-04-23 23:25:15 +0100
    We live in an area of London which hosts a VERY large amount of betting shops. Both online and televised betting has never been easier with the gaming industry cynically promoting it as a ‘leisure activity’.
    Where do you stand on the issue of lack of recognition and support for the silent affliction of problem gambling?