London Pride 2019

This weekend is London Pride, when the LGBT+ community from across the country comes together to celebrate the conclusion of Pride Month. This year march marks 50 years since member of the LGBT+ community at the Stonewall Inn rose up against the continued oppression of New York police and wider society. Since then we have seen tremendous strides in achieving rights and representation for LGBT+ people: the first Pride march in 1972, Civil Partnerships, the abolition of the Tory’s Section 28 and the introduction of equal marriage. 

The Labour Party has led on most of these reforms, ever since a Labour government decriminalised homosexuality in 1967. However, recent hate crimes against LGBT+ people remind us about the need to continue fighting for equal rights and challenging prejudice. The past year has seen a shocking rise in LGBT+ hate crime across the country, protests outside schools teaching children about LGBT+ relationships and widespread hateful speech about transgender+ people in the media. 

I stand in solidarity with all of my constituents against these acts of discrimination and wish all my constituents a very happy Pride.