Help Needed for Isaac's Bone Marrow Transplant

Over recent weeks, I have been working on behalf of Isaac Aganozor, who was diagnosed last year with Leukaemia. Isaac’s prognosis is not good - he is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment at St Bartholomew’s Hospital but is in desperate need of a stem cell transplant. Despite a full search of the donor register in the UK, the only option for Isaac is a bone marrow donation from his brother Patrick, who lives in Nigeria.

Isaac works locally, as a caretaker at Dulwich College, and is a valued member of staff there. Despite the College offering to sponsor his brother’s month-long trip to the UK,  the Home Office has to date refused Patrick’s visa application.

I have contacted the Home Office and the Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire MP, but the decision has still not been overturned. The Aganozors and Dulwich College are now working with lawyers to expedite a second visa application for Patrick, and I am pressing the Home Office to deal with it urgently. It is very disappointing that they have shown so little flexibility so far, in a situation where time is of the essence.

I hope that the Home Office will show compassion and allow Patrick to travel to the UK to help his brother, before Isaac’s health deteriorates still further.

Please show your support for Isaac by signing the petition here