Helen speaks in debate on planning reform

Our planning system has a vital role to play in tackling the housing crisis and addressing the climate and ecological emergency, but instead of seeing planning as a valuable toolkit for these critical challenges, the Tories see planning as red tape to be swept away as far as possible.  The Government has announced plans which amount to a devastating overhaul of our current planning system. These proposals would end the democratic voice of residents in decisions on planning applications, whilst extending the range of building that can take place without any planning permission at all, allowing developers to turn offices and shops into cramped, substandard housing.

Across Dulwich and West Norwood, there is an urgent need for high quality and genuinely affordable social housing. This can only be delivered through a planning system which establishes an ambitious vision for our country, sets high standard for design and environmental performance, and protects the buildings and spaces which local people value. Here is my speech from last week’s debate on planning in Parliament >>