Helen introduces Bill to end the marketing of vapes to children

Last week I introduced a new Bill in Parliament to end the marketing of vapes to children. We are seeing a staggering rise in the number of children and young people who are vaping. Recent research suggests the number of children trying e-cigarettes has risen by 50% in the last three years.

It is already illegal to sell vaping products to under eighteens, but the marketing strategy of nicotine firms is clear. Vapes are being designed specifically to appeal to children and young people, with bright colours, cartoon mascots and flavours like gummy bears and cherry cola.  

Smoking remains a grave risk to health and e-cigarettes have an important role to play in supporting smoking cessation – but they aren’t harmless. Last year 40 children were admitted to hospital for vaping-related disorders, whilst teachers across the country are increasingly having to manage the impact of nicotine addiction in the classroom.

The government has promised action on the marketing of vapes to children, but they have been reluctant to deliver the legislative change that is needed, perhaps unsurprising when we see that they are accepting donations from a company which makes vaping products designed to appeal to children.  If this government won’t act, a Labour government will.  You can see part of my speech here>>

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