Helen challenges the Secretary of State on Covid-19 testing for schools

An effective test, trace and isolate system is absolutely essential in enabling us to live as normally as possible while coronavirus is still circulating in our communities. As schools return and many children suffer the inevitable round of colds which the autumn brings, it is vitally important that testing is available so that coronavirus infections can be identified and isolated quickly to stop infection spread and to enable anyone who doesn’t have coronavirus to return to work or school as soon as possible.
The past week has shown the Government’s testing regime is not fit for purpose and is close to collapse. Some of my constituents have been asked to travel as far as Scotland for walk-in testing. Coronavirus cases are sadly going up across the country and testing has never been more important and the Government must act to sort the system out. I asked the Secretary of State today when children, teachers and school support staff will have reliable access to testing and results – he simply didn’t have an answer >>