Financial statement - September 2022

Tax cuts for the wealthiest, increased borrowing, deregulated planning and blind faith in discredited trickle down economics. This reckless statement will to deliver any meaningful help to those who need it and only deepen inequality. 

The Chancellor’s financial statement will deliver a tax cut of £40,000 to someone earning £1 million a year, while protecting the excess profits of oil and gas producers. 

Amongst the measures announced today, is a crackdown on low paid part time workers, forcing them to increase their hours by cutting benefits.  Many part time workers are parents, priced out of increasing their hours by expensive childcare.  For the first time this year, the number of women aged 25-34 leaving work to look after their children is increasing.

I asked the Chancellor today why he is choosing to punish low paid working parents, when what they need is an accessible, affordable childcare system fit for the 21st century >>

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