Helen speaks in debate in Parliament on the Principles of Democracy

This week we have witnessed harrowing events in Parliament with the Prime Minister blithely dismissing the concerns of female MPs about safety; we witnessed the Prime Minister shamefully invoke the name of Jo Cox in support of his pursuit of a hard-Brexit; and we witnessed the Government attempting to block debate through intimidation and bullying. Free debate is at the heart of democracy, but the use of the language of war for political purposes damages our society and our Parliament. Branding MPs as ‘traitors’ and describing legitimate Acts of Parliament as the ‘surrender’ bill is a crass attempt to shut down democratic debate and representation. We must urgently restore civility and respect in our public discourse.   

Democracy should not demand that opposition voices are silenced or that concerns of Remain voter about evidence of the damage Brexit will do should not be heard. Since the beginning of the Brexit debate, I have been clear that I will not be bullied into silence and will continue to represent the pro-Remain views of my constituents. My speech in yesterday’s debate >>