Helen visits West Norwood and Brixton Food Bank

Yesterday, I visited the distribution warehouse for the Norwood and Brixton food bank.  The team of staff and volunteers are working exceptionally hard to support people who are struggling to afford the essentials at this very difficult time, and they are distributing more food than ever – around as much in just two days as they would usually distribute in a whole week.

The physical foodbank locations in Brixton and West Norwood are currently closed, but the foodbank is delivering parcels of food and other essentials to residents who are facing financial hardship caused by the pandemic or other reasons.

There is an urgent need for donations, especially of UHT Milk, tinned vegetables, tinned puddings and custard, toilet roll and reusable bags. Financial donations enable the foodbank to source supplies directly from suppliers, and are also hugely appreciated.  You can learn more about where to drop off donations of food and how to give financially here: https://norwoodbrixton.foodbank.org.uk/

You can also donate to the Southwark Food Bank here: https://southwark.foodbank.org.uk/

Please donate if you can. Any support you can offer will go straight to provide a lifeline for residents in desperate need.