Make Britain a world leader on climate change, green jobs and low carbon technology

Making Climate Change a top priority for the United Kingdom

David Cameron promised ‘the greenest government ever’, but he has taken the UK backwards on climate change. We need to be serious about climate change for the sake of our children and our planet - across the world it is the poorest communities who suffer the most from the effects of climate change.

A Labour government will commit to de-carbonising the UK’s energy supply by 2050, and will lead the discussions at the Paris Climate Change Summit in December 2015 pushing for new global targets for carbon emissions reductions. The UK has some of the least energy-efficient homes in Europe.

Insulating our homes better is one of the most important contributions we can make to reducing carbon emissions. A Labour government would insulate five million homes, saving UK families an annual average of £270 from their heating bills.

It also makes economic sense to prioritise climate change. Labour will invest in a million green technology jobs by 2025, ensuring that the UK is leading the world on climate change once again.

Flooding in Herne Hill and Dulwich

Southwark Labour has secured £3.7 million from the Environment Agency to protect residents against the risk of flooding. In 2004, flooding caused over £1 million of damage to homes in Dulwich. The investment in new flood management for Dulwich and Belair Parks will protect hundreds of homes from this misery in the future. Helen Hayes said: ''The innovative investment in flood management in Dulwich is an important part of our response to climate”.